Mentoring the SANS Incident Handling/Hacking course in Sydney January 2009

I’ve successfully applied to be a mentor for the SANS Security 504: SANS Hacker Techniques, Exploits and Incident Handling course.

It’ll be running in Chatswood, Sydney on the starting on Wednesday 21st of January 2009, every Wednesday evening from 6:30pm to 8:30pm for ten weeks.There’s plenty of parking and it’s easy to get to via public transport on trains or buses.

My personal approach to this track is constantly evolving from what I see in the real world and from conversations with very smart folks that live and breathe real world security.

Mentoring courses aren’t one way; they are interactive and I hope you bring your thoughts, experience and view points to the material. It helps make the awesome material applicable to you and your environments. I’ll try to keep it relevant, entertaining, occasionally frustrating and worth your time, energy and money.

On the interactive side you’ll be running hands on specific tools against lab machines, just to see what these can do against real systems. This alone provides a very good reason to management why regular patching is a good thing!

What I hope you’ll come away from the ten weeks isn’t that you’ll be able to break in to top security systems; it’s that you have a better capacity to understand how common, freely available tools are being used against you now. Working with that awareness and developing of strategies to build up your own in depth defences and responses to better secure your systems.

For those CISSP’s out there, the course is worth 36 CPE’s.


SANS offers group registration discounts for 2 or more students who register from the same organization. To obtain the Group Discount fee and Registration Code offered for this course, contact Miranda Ruddick at PRIOR to registering, and provide the names and e-mail addresses of all the students registering within your organization.

If you’re a member of ACS or AISA, discounts are also available, so check with your local branch for the discount code.

If you’re not a either of those, then drop me a line and I’ll beg SANS for a discount code on your behalf!

You can’t ask more that than!

Please drop me a line if you have any questions Christopher {dot} Mohan [@] gmail {dot} com

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